Booker Long List Review: The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

I am slightly ashamed to admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Handmaids Tale, the book. I absolutely love the show. Seeing the story in that medium has me feeling all the emotions. The book just pissed me off. There were aspects of the story I felt like no one was really talking about. So I was very apprehensive about buying The Testaments. I really wanted to know if and how Atwood was going to tie the two books together in some way, was Gilead going to be toppled or take over the world? With these questions in mind I bought it. Due to my apprehension I normally would have checked it out from the library. But I didn’t want to wait five years….I am really glad I didn’t wait.

Synopsis: The story of three different women 15 years after The Handmaids Tale.

What I liked: The list if very very long. The pacing of the story was brilliant. There were multiple threads that Atwood brought together seamlessly. There were no plot holes that I could tell. The characters were three dimensional and so well written. She tackles some really difficult subject matter with grace. The way Atwood writes settings really brings them to life. I really love how she brought everything together it was perfect. (as a matter of fact I got chills just thinking about it).

What I didn’t like: Not a damn thing

Star Rating: All the stars

My thoughts: I am writing the my thoughts portion first. This is going to probably be an un-popular opinion but I preferred The Testaments more than the Handmaid’s Tale novel. Neither novel speaks to me as a woman per say but a human. It speaks to dictatorships, zealots and totalanarism. Also I think it shows how ordinary people can get swept up into something that is bigger then they are, even if they don’t agree with the core principals. You learn a lot more about a specific character and you see them. You see what made the and the end goal. I thought it was truly fantastic.

I read this as part of my project of reading all the booker long list books. There are some truly amazing books out there and truly talented authors but this was truly something special.