The Hollow Places by T. Kingfisher

I love stories with strong and quirky characters. I also love when the main character has a buddy that partakes in their adventure. I also love a book where an animal is actually a character in the story. Not just fodder that barks at the monsters. This is something that I really enjoy about Kingfisher’s stories. Her characters are so human. I also read her other book The Twisted Ones, which I loved.

Synopsis: Following her divorce a woman moves into a room in the back of her uncle’s oddity shop. And weird things happen.

Things I liked: There are so many things to love about Kingfisher’s writing. The first is the use of place as a character. I have said this multiple times but that is something that I really enjoy. The oddity shop isn’t just words or the backdrop. It is part of the story. It is a character, it comes alive and I love that. The pacing was perfect for me. Kingfisher is really great at the build up and the reveal. It is like something that is niggling at the back of your brain as you are reading. Her writing makes me so happy.

Things I didn’t like: Nothing

Star Rating: 5

My Thoughts: My what I loved was basically becoming my thoughts. So, I moved things around. I lover her characters. They are quirky and honestly you want to be friends with them. They are likable and flawed. But they are so well written. There is such curiosity and a sense of adventure in her characters. I really appreciate that they have friends. These friendships aren’t fake but are really believable and relatable. I also appreciate her treatment of animals in her stories. They aren’t fodder but rather their own character which you are rooting for the entire time. They are pretty badass in their own right. I really hope that she keeps writing these wonderful stories.

***FYI I am aware that T. Kingfisher is a pen name for Ursula Vernon****