The Girl on the Train

I hate being late. I truly hate being late. To me if you aren’t 15 mins early then your late. However, when it comes to reading meh. The book that everyone has been raving about. I’ll read it in about five years when I can get it used or actually get it from the library.  That is my story and I am sticking to it. Which is why I just read The Girl on the train. Yes, I know. I am way late to the party and there is no beer left.

-Plot Summary: Story of three women whose lives are intertwined.

-What I liked: I love a character driven story. The way the characters different narratives and time lines are woven together was magical. I was floored at how well written this story was. If the narrative had been written in one character voice in a linear fashion the story would have lost what made it special.

-What I didn’t like: Read paragraph above remember what I said about a character driven story. Well, I didn’t like the characters. I found many of their personality traits deoploreable and truly disliked them.  I can usually find something likable with any character; yes that includes Patrick Bateman. But these three women, I found nothing likable about any of them. Yes that is going to get me hung drawn and quartered from the literary scene. But I just didn’t find any qualities about the characters that I liked.

-My Thoughts: All in all I LOVED the structure of the book. The story had enough twists and turns to keep me intrigued.