Betty by Tiffany McDaniel

Very rarely do I sit down to write a review of a book as soon as I am done with it. But here I am, eyes puffy and reddened from crying and nose running. Every few years a book comes a long that will just tear your heart out and rip it into a million pieces. Betty is one of those books. My heart is torn into a million pieces but there is a small girl there that is sewing the million pieces back together, wit a lining of silver so I can put my heart back into my chest and have some hope. This is one of those books. The story is that of a family. The beauty and the darkness that comes with family is laid bare for the reader. Also if you don’t think that this book is horror then I will fight you.

Synopsis: The life of Betty and her family; with the beauty and the ugly of growing up.

What I liked: Tiffany McDaniel is a helluva writer. She can take the words and weaves a spell with them. Here is the spell….you can’t put the book down. You want to sit and read. NO food, No sleep and lock the family out of the house read. The characters, the landscape everything….It is beautiful.

What I didn’t like:


My Thoughts: Oh dear lord. That is my thought. There are so many things about this book that I want to scream about but I don’t do spoilers. However, this book has made me think about families and people. It also makes me think about history and the choices that people make. I do want to talk about one character…..Betty’s dad. His entire arc is filled with magic, pain and hope. Yes, I said hope. There is hope in him. (okay I am starting to tear up). This book is horror. It is familial/social horror. Look at me coining new sub-genres this year. Blood and gore doesn’t make a horror book. It is the feeling that you feel as you read that makes the book horror. MANY times during this story I felt revulsion, disgust and pain. Lots and lots of pain. So yes, it is horror…..and for those horror purists horror adjacent.

Now here is where I am going to beg. If you only read one book this year PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!!! But I will warn you…..make sure you have lots and lots of tissues.