A Complex Accident of life by Jessica McHugh

I have a deep and unwavering love for Frankenstein. It is a story that holds so much sadness and some hope. I personally think that everyone should read it. It fuses horror and science. But it is mostly about humanity. How horrible we can be. With this in mind and my love for horror poetry my amazing friend Jen from over at Book Den (If you don’t read her blog you really should it is amazing) was reading this lovely collection of black out poetry inspired by Frankenstein and told me that I had to buy it. So I did, she know my taste better then I do. If you don’t know what black out poetry is. It is poetry made from taking words from a texted and highlighting them by blacking out the other words.

Synopsis: Blackout poetry inspired by Frankenstein.

My thoughts: This collection is a freaking mazing. There is so much beauty in this collection. There is a lot of pain as well. It hits so many of the notes that I love in a poetry collection. What I really loved was the scanned pages of Frankenstein with the blackout art. Some are true art pieces….some are sparse as just crossing the words out. But each piece suits the poem. The poem itself is on the next page. It gives the entire collection a visually tactile feel. I am so glad that I ordered the actual book. I don’t think e-book would have done the art justice. The flow of the collection is so perfect. It starts with a poem titled a Girl of Twenty and it ends with a poem titled Vanish. You get this feeling like you are following this girl through a journey. Sometimes this journey is good and sometimes it is bad. But it is beautifully hers. Which is why this collection was so beautiful. Our journeys are never entirely good or entirely bad. They veer all over the place. I feel that this collection is really about the poets journey. I really hope that we see more blackout poetry. It is an art form which give texture to the words. My favorite poem was Be. McHugh is truly a gifted poet and artist. I truly love this collection and I hope that I get to read more from Jessica McHugh.

Star Rating: 5