Blackfish City by Sam J Miller

Crazy weather we have been having on this planet; snow in April in the Northeast of America. Makes you think about global warming, Al Gore and what can be done to stop this type of  man made natural disaster. No I am not going to argue whether global warming is real. I live in the desert. I have a good chunk of my life and well 120 degrees Fahrenheit is ridiculous. I don’t remember it being this hot as a kid. What if we combined that with some wars, technological misfires and genocide. These were all the things that popped in my head while I was reading Black Fish City.

Summary: Well….this is a little difficult. The story is told from multiple POVs. But they all surround the mystery woman who shows up with an Orca and a Polar bear to a dystopian type city.

What I liked: Miller’s world building was very good and I really enjoyed reading the descriptions of his world. The back story of how some of the characters were linked where was very good. Miller was also able to include diversity without it feeling forced or contrived. I also thinks that Miller introduces some interesting theme regarding technology and where the world is headed in his novel. I also liked the fact that Miller wrote in multiple points of view.

What I didn’t like: I am a little torn on this aspect. There were multiple backstories in the novel that all lead to the conclusion of the novel. But I feel like there were too many backstories. A couple backstories fell a bit flat as they were all suppose to be leading to this finish but they really didn’t do it and felt like they were rushed and didn’t really fit. But that is my opinion.

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

My thoughts: I really enjoyed aspects of this novel. The backstory of the characters and how they were linked was really well executed. But the first 2/3rds of the novel dragged a bit for me. The story picked up for me when Masaaraq started to tell her story but that was over 100 pages into the book.

Thank you to the wonderful people at Harper Collins and Ecco who provided me a Advanced Reader’s Copy for my honest review.