Come Back to the Swap by Laura Morrison

For many years I’ve been aware of invasive species. Many of the trees and plants that surround my home town aren’t native to the area. In the middle of the desert we ever have golf courses can you believe that. In the summer you see sweating red faced people wondering around the dead brown grass in 120 degree heat. Or they go to the golf courses where they water every morning and every evening to try to keep the grass green. When you really think about it planting grass in the desert really. Who do we think we are… for grass to grow in someplace like a swamp makes perfect sense.

Summary: Bernice is working towards her masters in ecological studies with a speciality in invasive species. The day she meets Rebecca her life changes….

What I liked: I loved the whole thing. The characters are well written and are three dimensional. Morrison writes people so well. Bernice’s dialog sounds so much like what someone would actually say and do in many of the circumstances she found her self in. I love that the protagonist was a bit of nerd. Let your nerdy flag fly. The setting is well written and as you read it could almost imagine the sounds and the sights of the swamp. I love it when that happens. The premise of the story was fresh and something that I really enjoyed.

What I didn’t like: I would have like to know more about Bernice after she left Kevin’s house. (do you know how hard it is to say something that isn’t spoilery)! Also I can’t use an analog that another review used as it fits the story perfectly.

Star Rating: 5

My Thoughts: This is a great story which made me very happy in a weird way.  The ending for me was the best. I was sitting there staring at the screen going seriously. That thought is really going cross your mind. It was a fun a delightful dark romp through nature.

As always a BIG thank you to Black Spot Books for providing me a review copy for my honest review!