Why Reading?

My family was large by todays standards.  My brothers and sisters were much older then I was, by the time I was in first grade I was basically an only child. Therefore; I spent a lot of time on my own and my love of reading blossomed from there. My first reading memory was sitting on the floor in the dining room reading the Tawny Scrawny Lion by Kathryn Jackson I must have been in Kindergarten. I still love the story of those generous and cunning rabbits.

Tawny Scrawny

I felt so grown up sitting on the floor with my back pressed against the wall with my book. I have other wonderful memories of trawling through a bookstore with my dad and coming home with this beautiful book.


The Magical Rainbow Man and the Journey  of Love I can’t tell you how many times I read this book. The illustrations are beautiful and to me it was magical. I have wonderful memories of these books. These books were my friends. Reading filled the hours of dinners out with my parents, car rides and other events. After reading Pipi Longstocking I was going to run away with my books and doll to Villa Villekulla. I got as far as the backyard but it was an adventure just like Pipi would have taken. When asked what my favorite hobby was I always said reading. There is a meme that I always find funny, I was the kid that got in trouble for reading in school. I would hide my book in my desk and would read during lessons especially on library day.

During my pre-teen and teenage years, it wasn’t cool to be a reader, but I wore my nerd badge proud. Yeah I was that girl in your English class that ACTUALLY did the assigned reading and participated in the class discussions. I shared my heartbreaks and triumphs of Jr. High and High School with Ann Rice, Stephen King and VC Andrews. Later in my high school career Poe, Russell and Shelly. They seemed to speak to my teenage self.

As I got older my relationship with reading didn’t change. I believe that it intensified as I matured. Looking back I always had a book with me and I still do. Family gatherings would find me in a room or a chair somewhere away from my very loud extended family. Reading  gave me just enough downtime to rest up from all the socializing going on around me. Books offered solace through a divorce, family deaths, breakups and the stress of being a young parent. I’ve read in hospital waiting rooms, airports, funeral homes, lawyers offices, trains and buses. Books have been my constant friend and companions. The stories they hold have walked beside me through my entire life.

So I guess the question should be instead why not reading?

A Book that Stole My Heart

There aren’t many books that I can say have stolen my heart. A book that is so beautifully written that it stays with me for months after I’ve read it. The Bear and the Nightingale is absolutely one of those stories. I have to say this is the best book I read in 2017. I am still gushing over this book.  I loved the story and the writing style so much I left a little note in the library copy.

I didn’t realize until I started following Katherine Arden on Twitter that the story was going to be a trilolgy. The day The Girl in the Tower was released I rushed to my local independent bookshop 10 mins before closing and grabbed the last copy on the shelves.


Patience may be a virtue but it isn’t one of mine. However, I have not yet read The Girl in the Tower yet. I am saving it until I finish War and Peace. I want  to savor it over a weekend with a lovely slice of cake and tea. I am not going to write a review for The Bear and the Nightingale I am sure you can tell how much I love this book. I will be writing a review of The Girl in the Tower once I have read it.

I feel so Dirty.

I have a confession to make! I have been having one night stands and by that I mean book one night stands. The literary equivalent to hit it and quit it.  I am going to blame it on the library.  I love the library. I mean I really love the library. I love the smell of the books, walking up and down the aisles not looking for anything in particular. Just the feeling that I can reach out and pick up and amazing adventure. Sounds awesome right; as much as I love the library itself the reaching out and picking up an adventure is slightly hit and miss. So much so, I have been known to check a book out and not read it. Sacrilege! I can’t help it. I read the back cover and I truly believe I am going to love the book. It is going to completely change my life as a reader. Yeah..no. I end up reading a couple of pages and doing the walk of shame away from the book bin.

The latest victim to my hit it and quit it book one night stand was “Blood on the Snow” by Jo Nesbo. I read about 10 pages and that was it. I put it down and dropped it off at the library last night. I just was not into the story, nor was I invested in the characters. As much as I wanted to like the story I just couldn’t. I have a category on my good reads devoted to just my book one night stands. I look at this category and think to my self, why? Do any of these books have anything in common: theme, authors, genre? I can say with conviction, that none of these books have anything in common. Personally, I am just going to continue to blame it on the library and getting book drunk. If you want to see my book one night stand you can have a look on my good reads.