Seeing Things by Sonora Taylor

We all have authors that are must read authors. Sonora is one of those for me. When she releases something I must must read it. In the un-year, I received Seeing Things and my heart skipped a beat. I excitedly tore into the first few pages and was as always pulled into Taylor’s story. I put the book down due to things that were happening in life at that time. However, over Christmas I took some time and picked this book back up. I am so so very glad that I did.

Thank you Sonora Taylor for my review copy!

Synopsis: A girl begins to see things. But what does it all mean.

What I liked: I really enjoyed how the story unfolded. It was a total artichoke. The petals on the outside leading to the a delicious center. What I am trying to say things were revealed in a way that I needed to keep reading to understand where they were going to go next. What was going to happen next? That is the beauty with Taylor’s writing. Once you open the book there is a little string attached to your head from the book and it just draws you in. (That actually sounded much better in my head but you get my meaning).

What I didn’t like: There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like but I WANTED MORE!! I want to know what happened to the person that did the thing. (no spoilers here folks)

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

My Thoughts: Like I said Sonora is a must read author for me. Sonora writes such fantastic characters. They are believable and well rounded. They never feel two dimensional or like characters; they feel like they could be living breathing people that I know. Sonora takes pride in her stories and it shines through in the way that the words come to life on the page. If you haven’t read anything by Sonora I would defiantly fix that…..her other works are just as wonderful as Seeing Things.

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