The Cult Called Freedom House by Stephanie Evelyn

I love a book about cults. I find cults super interesting. I have probably said this before somewhere. But the part that I really find interesting is when cults are up to no good. When you think about it, that is the only time that large cults are in the news. Something crazy happens and it gets splashed about the front page (or the internet). So when the opportunity to review The Cult Called Freedom House was offered I couldn’t pass it up.

Synopsis: A girl joins a cult and a detective starts looking for missing people.

What I liked: I really love the premise of the book. Especially, after reading the opening scene. I think that there are aspects of this story that I truly enjoyed. The cult really peeked my interest and the throw back to another cult is an interesting twist that I really wanted more of. The backstory for the detective really peaked my interest and I enjoyed her character. I also enjoyed many of the scenes that took place within the cult.

What I didn’t like: I liked the story itself but I had some issues with a couple of different aspects which I will discuss in my thoughts.

Star Rating: 3

My Thoughts: I had really high hopes for this book. I had seen some amazing reviews. However, I had some issues with the story. One of my main issues was with the timeline jumps that seemed to happen. One minute we are at a funeral and the next minute it is two months later. That type of jumping around without context pulled me out of the story. There are a couple of other time jumps in the story which didn’t work for me. This is a promising start for the series. However, other readers may not have the same issues. If you don’t I would pick it up .

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