The Girl Aquarium by Jen Campbell

Over the last year in a half I really have started to enjoy reading poetry. The one thing that I learned is that I need to read poetry which contains themes that I enjoy reading. Twist and brooding. Campbell examines different aspects of humanity that most people don’t talk about. Campbell is an author who also has a book tube channel. If you have a moment head on over to you tube and have a little peek at her channel. Besides being a writer she talks about bodily difference, fairytales and so many interesting topics that I don’t want to spoil it.

Synopsis: A collection of twisted poems.

What I liked: This little collection is one that I will probably read over and over again. Campbell can take the ordinary or things that we don’t think about and twist it until it reads like a short fairytale. Campbell tackles so different elements and themes in her poetry. From the idea of women being held in an aquarium, mermaids and glow worms. The collection has it all and If I could I would thrust it into the hands of all my friends, even if they don’t read poetry, and make them read it. I appreciate so much about this collection.

What I didn’t like: I wanted more….

Star Rating: 5 Stars

My Thoughts: I’ve never read a poem that was written in geordie dialect, but holy hell….I want more. I remember driving up to Durham and seeing the Angel of the North. It is beautiful standing up on the hill with her arms spread. She is captured so elegantly and beautifully by Campbell. If you don’t know what The Angel of the North is I highly recommend that you google her. Then check out Campbell’s you tube video to hear her reciting it. If it doesn’t give you the shivers then you aren’t human.

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