Zombieville by CV Hunt

I love a good zombie book. Zombie books make me happy. The mindless creature that doesn’t stop for any reason. It is the one monster that always gets me. It is hard to imagine a monster that never gets tired who is only fueled by hunger. But what if the rhythm of music is what brought the body back from the dead? Zombieville gives us a different type of zombie story

Synopsis: A girl and a funeral director begin a relationship that involves zombies.

What I liked: I really appreciated a different take on zombies. Yes you still got the chomping but there was a bit more to it. With the juju bags and etc. Now what I found interesting is that music brought the zombie alive. Not alive but with music he would move and in one line it was noted that he was bopping along to the music. It makes me actually think of hoodoo and I found that was an interesting detail in the story. The romantic angle in the story was interesting and not saccharine. It fit the narrative really well.

What I didn’t Like: I was a little confused to begin with as the cover shows a female zombie. It didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story or from my rating.

Star Rating: 4.0 Stars

My thoughts: I really appreciated the twist in the Zombie genre. It didn’t follow the normally formulaic story lines. The love story within the story was sweet in a twisted way and I really appreciated that. It wasn’t over done. I find that a romance in a book can really mess up the flow for me. But Hunt handled the romance just perfectly for me.

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