Stranded By Renee Miller

This is my last read of 2018. The last blog post that I am going to write this year. It is 10:55 PM and I just finished my first read by Renee Miller. It made me think of what I would do for a lot of money. How greed manifests itself in many different ways and what it can do to a person or make a person do. I wanted something I could read for my last day of 2018 and I am very glad I picked this chomp and stomp that was much deeper then the average monster story.

Synopsis: A realty show set on a deserted island in the Arctic mets a horrible end.

What I liked: The pacing of the story was perfect for a chomp and stomp. The characters while you knew their motivations where well written and you had feelings about each one of them. Whether it was hate or a little bit of sympathy. I liked the Miller’s fresh voice in a genre where you at times feel you are reading the same story line over and over again. I appreciated the reality show angle. I will defiantly be reading more by Miller in the upcoming year.

What I didn’t like: I wanted it to be longer. I wanted to know what happened after the end.

Star Rating 4.5 Stars

My Thoughts: I feel like there is a lot to this story. I would like to reread it again next year. I really watch reality shows. I am not a fan of the tropes that are portrayed in them and well I think that they send bad messages to children especially young girls. I found it interesting that when I was reading the story I felt like it was a monster story about good, evil and greed. That the monster was a manifestation of whether the person was good. With that being said it was a really great read to end 2018 on. I can’t wait to read more from Miller in the upcoming year.

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