Something Borrowed, Something Blood Soaked By Christa Carmen

Normally I would write a little blurb here about my childhood or horror or something. This time I am going to talk about addiction. I am personally not an addict but I have known many in my life. Addiction is a one of those things that touches a good amount of the online community and their families. It is a taboo thing that we really don’t talk about except in our group chats. But no one puts it out there as the nightmare and horror scenario that it is. When I started the collection I wasn’t aware the author was a recovering addict. But after reading the collection I can see it and am aware Something Borrowed, Something Blood Soaked was a very personal and cathartic collection which drags you through the true horror that is addiction and recovery.

What I liked: Many collections of stories are disjointed from each other but this collection flows. What I find interesting is that a few of the stories have some similar character names….and settings. I am assuming that the collection was crafted that way. It was like an expansion of some of the stories and I truly appreciated that. Carmen’s pacing and plots were streamlined and very well written. The characters were 3 dimensional and I truly cared about them and their stories outcome. All in all I liked everything about this collection.

What I didn’t like: There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this collection

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

My Thoughts: I see a lot of people talking about Red Room. It was a good story but not my favorite. I loved loved the story of Olive. The twist at the end made me smile. It was twisted and I didn’t see it coming. I also loved the zombie story. I love zombies in general but there is something about this story. 1. I love Bruce Campbell…..but 2. I live in a city where drug abuse is rife. You can see people walking down the street that are tweeking. The shuffling feet, the jerky movements and the vacant look in their eyes have always reminded me of zombies. The hunger that the walking dead have leads to many home invasions. For me the story hit all the high notes and felt very personal at the same time.

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