I am Not Your Final Girl: Poems By Claire C. Holland

I’ve watched a good deal of 80s and 90s slasher movies. There was always the one girl that normally was a fighter; who fought but she eventually succumbed. Or She fought through the night and was able to hobble her way to freedom the next day.  I found that I rooted for them as they hobbled through the forest and the dark. So whether you fancy yourself Laurie from Halloween or Nancy from Friday the 13th this dark poetry book is defiantly for you.


Summary: Poems based on the final girls in popular horror movies.

What I liked: I have really enjoyed all the dark and horror related poetry I have been reading lately. I really enjoyed the concept of the book. The poems were dark and disturbing. What I thought was interesting was that this was the Holland’s feelings about these women, brought about by the political climate. I found each of the poems to be gut wrenching and heart breaking. When you really digest the words and the meaning he fear and anger behind the words is palatable. I believe that the women that are noted through out the book break the log used trope of women not fighting back and being weak. Especially in the horror genre.

What I didn’t like: It is a small thing was one of the poems was attributed to Sarah in The Craft but Holland seemed in the poem to be talking about Nancy. I could have read it wrong.

Star Rating 4.5

My thoughts: There were some movies that were noted in the book that I hadn’t seen. But that gives me more to watch. The concept was super intriguing and I really am glad that I read it. My favorite poems from the collection are Selena from 28 Days Later and Jennifer from I Spit on Your Grave. Both of these poems are hard hitting and really gut punch you.  Both of these are movies that I have enjoyed and I always root for the two characters that Holland wrote about.

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