The Mouth of the Dark By Tim Waggoner

I have been buddy reading with a few of my friends for the last couple of months. I always enjoy the differing points of view that everyone has. Our discussions range widely over topics that range from tentacles to writing style. It was during one of our group read alongs that we all read The Mouth of the Dark and needless to say there were many moments during reading that we all thought WTF!


What I liked: Throughout the novel the pacing was fast and the story kept moving. The world building of Shadow was really good. I always enjoy a novel where there are multiple world layers, especially when the dark bleeds into the light. Waggoner’s  writing was engaging and didn’t lose my attention. There were multiple story arcs that Waggoner skillfully ties up.  There are plenty of WTF moments for those of us that enjoy WTF moments.

What I didn’t like: The ending fell a bit flat for me. For me the book is full of action and then the action just stops. I guess the ending was mundane for what the book was. But perhaps that is the way it is meant to be written.

Star Rating: 4

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this story. I did have a issue with the ending just because I thought it was ehhhh for the rest of the story. The story arc with with the main characters mother was excellent and I really appreciated how it was handled. There was one part that I felt was dragged out a bit too long. This specific scene went into a lot of detail about a specific situation that father found the daughter in. There was a lot of detail regarding the daughter. I felt that the level of detail was a bit ehhh due to the age that the daughter was suppose to be at the time. This was just my thoughts on it. I appreciated the other aspects of the story immensely. Will defiantly be checking out Waggoner’s back catalog!!



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