The Beast of Brenton Wood by Jackson R. Thomas

Do you remember when you saw American Werewolf in London? I do. It was with my cousins and my Aunt and Uncle where gone for the day. We snuck the video tape out of their room and sat transfixed to the screen. From there I watched all the Howling movies, even the weird Australian one no offense to any Aussies. There are some days you want to be dropped into a people chomping fast paced thrill ride. The Beast of Brenton Woods is exactly what you are looking for.


Summary: A young boy and a young woman have an encounter with a werewolf.

Things I liked: I really enjoyed the pacing of the story. It was a fast and thrilling read. The people chomping was really well written. You have to have good people chomping if you are writing a werewolf story (IMHO). There were some really clever plot devices and a twist that I didn’t really see coming and that made me truly happy. Thomas has really thought through the characters in the town that the story was taking place in.  Now here is the question is there going to be a sequel?

What I didn’t like: So this may be a bit picky but I wanted to know more of the backstory of the werewolf. There is a bit of a bombshell that is dropped at the end of the story but I feel like it would have been good to know more towards the middle of the story. It would explain a couple of parts of the story.

Star Rating: 4

My thoughts: I loved the people chomping. Thomas really did a great job in explaining some of the relationships of the characters. I loved the brother and sister relationship. It was sweet. I think the character of Ben’s mom should have been built up or maybe the familial relationship should have been built up a bit more. It was pretty important to the ending of the story. All in all it was an enjoyable, blood soaked thrill ride.

Alien Agenda is a small publishing house. If you are interested in reading The Beast of Brenton Woods please click on the picture of the book and it will take you to the purchase site.

*** Big Thanks to Alien Agenda Pub for sending me a review copy for my honest opinion***

2 thoughts on “The Beast of Brenton Wood by Jackson R. Thomas

  1. Bark's Book Nonsense August 30, 2018 / 10:28 am

    This book was so much bloody fun! I needed something nasty and this one fit the bill 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it too.


    • Toni_The_Reader August 30, 2018 / 10:45 am

      I needed it as well it fit the bill completely. Fast paced and bloody!!


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