Creature by Hunter Shea

I love a creature feature. The first creature feature I remember watching is The Thing with my brother. It was so scary it was awesome. I fell asleep dreaming about dogs that turned into other things. What I always found difficult to get is why reading a creature feature was a different experience then on screen. A good chunk of time when you are reading a creature feature you are kinda dropped into the action whereas there is a build up with movies. People getting stalked weird things happening and then BAM the monster. I will say Creature by Hunter Shea was the slow burning creature feature I have been waiting for.

Summary: A terminally ill woman and her husband rent their dream cottage for a summer away.

What I liked: There was this slow burning tense claustrophobic feeling through the beginning of the story. The slow burn was amazing right up until you really start getting to the action. Normally, this is when that claustrophobic feeling dissipates in the story but nope Shea kept that same powder keg of tenseness through the entire story to the end. The characters are well written and three dimensional. The pacing was perfect for the story. There was a lot of attention to detail due to the medical condition of one of the characters. From the very start there is a supernatural feel to the story. But I liked that what the main character was experiencing wasn’t the main element to the story. It was to set the tone of the story. It was clever and I really enjoyed it.

What I didn’t like: There isn’t anything that I didn’t like.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

My Thoughts: I loved how the creature was created. I think that it really brought something to the story. The story came full circle and I thought the ending really was amazing. It was surprising to say the least. Of course I love when creatures get the best of people, who doesn’t. I think that the part that really made me love story was the characters. It is a very character driven throughout the beginning of the story. The one thing I thought was interesting was that the main characters illness basically was treated as another character. I have seen other authors try to do this and haven’t been successful. But Shea nails it.

Creature’s publishing date is September 6th, 2018. If you click on the picture it will take you to Flame Trees site so you can either order or pre-order. You really should this is a great slow burner.

****A big thanks to Flame Tree Publishing for providing a review copy for my honest review***

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