Candles and Pins By Jacqueline West

I haven’t really been a poetry reader until National poetry month. It was really good for me. It opened a whole new door. Horror Poetry!!! It is like the gods have smiled on me. It was amazing. A whole new genre to read! A friend of mine approached me asking me if I would like to review a dark poetry book. I just about jumped for joy. So here I am writing another dark poetry book review. This one really sticks to your ribs. Candle and Pins by Jacqueline West.

Summary: Poetry collection about superstitions.

What I liked: This little tome hit all the high notes for me. The first being superstitions. I love anything written about superstitions. One of my favorites were about strigoi. As I have been to Romania a few times. The poem made me think of the people that I met and the culture that I was able to see. There is another poem that made me think of my grandmother and her habit of putting honey out for the little folk so they don’t make mischief. The superstitions that were chosen were wonderful and the inclusion of lesser known superstitions really hit a high note for me.  I can’t really discuss the technicality in which the poems are written as I don’t have a background in technically dissecting poetry.  It is a collection that you will want to digest slowly and languidly.

What I didn’t like: So I loved all but one poem in this collection. For me it seemed out of place. It wasn’t so much the subject matter but it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the collections superstition vibe.

Star Rating:4

My thoughts: One of the things that through my for a loop was the change in cadence in every poem. As I am very used to reading novels and novellas it through me just a little but once I got into the swing of things I really appreciated how cadence can be used as a demarkation between poems. I would defiantly recommend West’s work to anyone looking to branch out of novels and novellas.

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