The Book of Hidden Things by Francesco Dimitri

The youngest child, who occupies the same habitat that I do, no longer believes in magic. This makes me unbelievably sad. He used to love to talk about dragons and fairies. Now he doesn’t believe in these things. It seems tragic that we lose that love of magic as we grow older. It seems that magic and childhood go hand in hand. What happens when adults go messing with forces that are not in their control. There aren’t many things outside of our control as adults but what if…..The Book of Hidden Things asks that exact question.

Summary: 4 childhood friends are suppose to meet yearly for dinner due to a childhood pact. However, one of them doesn’t show. The other three must brave childhood traumas in order to find their missing friend.

What I liked: I really enjoyed the story. It was multilayered and sophisticated. The characters are well fleshed out and three dimensional. I really enjoyed the pacing of the book. It really drew me into the story and didn’t let go. It was mysterious and magical as it walked you through the stories and childhood memories. I find it takes a talented author to be able to weave stories together like this and it was flawless.

What I didn’t like: There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about The Book of Hidden Things.

Star Rating: 5

My thoughts: I really enjoyed the story. I do have a deep appreciation for stories which include mystery and magic. Especially if it is all wrapped up in a well written and beautfiul package. Have I mentioned that the cover is amazing as well.

As always a HUGE thanks for providing me a review copy of the book for my honest review.

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