The Shatter Point By Jon O’Bergh

I love haunted houses at Halloween. They have always been one of my favorite things about Halloween. Going through a dark maze with different scenes or a pop-up skeleton. Every once in awhile something comes across my email about extreme haunts. I’ve always been intrigued but it isn’t something that I really wanted to do. The Shatter Point by Jon O’Bergh brings a little of the haunt to you….

Summary: The story follows the lives of three different characters and what happens when they reach their breaking point.

What I liked: I liked the premise of the story. I enjoyed some of the backstories of the characters. I enjoyed O’Bergh’s writing style.

What I didn’t like: I feel there were elements of the supernatural that needed to be explored. The pacing was very slow throughout the novella. With the length of the novel I would have expected the pacing to pick up towards the middle but alas this didn’t happen. The ending felt a bit rushed. I didn’t feel like all the story lines were complete. There was talk of certain things that had happened but they were not completely explored which left me feeling a bit hollow.

Star Rating: 3

My Thoughts: I really wanted to like the story but due to the pacing and the build up I found that my mind was wandering. I appreciate that O’Bergh trying to weave all these stories together but it didn’t quite work. There were a couple of story lines that I wasn’t sure of why they were left in as they really had no bearing on the outcome of the story. As this story was over 100 pages we really need to make the pages count towards the climax of the story.

2 thoughts on “The Shatter Point By Jon O’Bergh

  1. Lilyn G July 22, 2018 / 12:21 am

    Good review, sorry it didn’t work out for you.


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