You by Caroline Kepnes

I don’t have a list of favorite books. There are too many to love and the list changes. It depends on where I am in life. That being said I do have a list of favorite literary characters. One of my top five favorite characters is Patrick Bateman. Yes, that is right that lovable, status crazed psychopath from Brett Easton Ellis’s American Psycho. I think it was because of the way he was written. Ellis wrote his character bordering on the  ridiculous. The diatribe about Hughey Lewis and the News is probably one of my favorite scenes from a book or a movie. I don’t know why it just strikes me as particularly funny. Maybe it is the fact that Power of Love is playing in the background as he wields an axe. Another favorite literary character is Rob from Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity. Slightly narcissistic and a lot of snobbish lists regarding music. What would  happen if you crossed Patrick Bateman with Rob (books instead of music)You get a book loving psychopath named Joe.

Summary: The story follows Joe and his love/obsession for Beck. He isn’t going to let anything stand between them.

What I liked: THE WHOLE ENTIRE THING!! Kepnes is a storyteller of the highest order. Her characters are well crafted and three dimensional. One minute you are creeped out the other minute you are feeling bad for them. Particularly for Joe. How the hell does that work LOL?! I know what you are thinking but it is particularly towards the end of the story. The storyline flows so well. The pacing is so good. It is a slow burn and I really like that. You are pretty much at the edge of your seat the entire time.   The settings that are used throughout the novel also become characters particularly the bookstore. I could gush on and on and I don’t want to spoil this deeply creepy book for anyone.

What I didn’t like: There is nothing I didn’t like.

Star Rating: 5 stars

My thoughts: I started this story thinking OMG creeper status a million and I ended the story thinking OMG everyone in the story is well and truly f’ed up. But that is the beauty of this book. There are so many WTF and ewwww moments that it is such a pleasure to read. I love books like this for that exact reason. It was a a perfect read for a lazy Sunday. Why did it take me this long to read it!!

4 thoughts on “You by Caroline Kepnes

    • Toni_The_Reader June 26, 2018 / 6:12 pm

      Yeah I am the ass that took forever to read it LOL. But I loved it so much I wanted to cuddle it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Toni_The_Reader June 26, 2018 / 6:11 pm

      This is an amazing book!! I felt like an ass as it took me so long to read it.


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