Swan Song by Robert McCammon

I was going to look for some type of literary quote but there is no quote that I could give that would due this book justice. While I was reading Swan Song I was reminded of a movie I watched when I was a bit younger that scared me. The movie was called The Day After. It wasn’t scary due to monster or anything like that; but to a child who lived at the tail end of the Cold War, it was scary because we have the power to actually destroy the world. Swan Song brought out the same feeling.

Summary: Swan and her protect travel across the nuclear weapon ravaged US.

What I liked: The story was amazing. While reading you felt everything sadness, happiness and being terribly frightened.  It wasn’t that McCammon wrote a scary book it was the characters that made the story scary. The fact that this people (for lack of a better term) could be out there walking around and in a instant they could be thrust into positions of power. The pacing of the novel was perfect I wasn’t bored at all during the reading and was reading as fast as I could just so I could get to the next part so I could know what was coming next. There were a lot of complexities of human emotion throughout Swan Song it takes an amazing writer to put that across.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t really want to story to end. I wanted to know what happened to them. Where they went and their adventures.

Star Rating: 5 stars

My thoughts: When I was a small child when I just had started school I remember doing a nuclear drill. We were suppose to hide under our desks. I only remember doing this once or twice. As I got older I understood what a nuclear weapon was and what would actually happen to people if one went off. After seeing The Day After the fear of what could have happened is still is haunting.

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