Isle of Gold by Seven Jane

As a good deal of people know I live in the desert. WAAAAYYYY down in the desert. We can get to The Gulf of Mexico in about 8 hours driving. But there are some days I really want to smell the salt air and say shit like Ahoy matey. But alas, I am not a pirate. So, when I had the opportunity to read a pirate adventure I was all over it. An adventure at sea away from all the desert cacti……yes please.

Summary: An girl who was orphaned joins the crew of a pirate ship in search of adventure.

What I liked: I truly dislike tropey novels and Isle of Gold  fit that bill. It was a fresh take on the pirate adventure with a bit of myth thrown in for good measure. I really enjoyed the pacing of the novel. It reminded me of a wave ebbing and flowing with a big build up to action and retreating to give the reader time to breath before the next wave of action. The characters were well written and three dimensional. The relationships between Tom and Merrin was sweet and I appreciated it. In a time where characters in books rip each others clothing off there was a lot of patience and build up between them and I found that endearing. I love the way myth was woven through the story to craft a back story that I found truly special.

What I didn’t like: There wasn’t anything I didn’t like….well there was one…the story ended.

Star Rating: 5

My thoughts: Jane has left a bit to the imagination with this story and I truly loved it. I thought that the pacing was cleverly done and there wasn’t a time throughout the book that I was bored or wanting to read something else.

Isle of Gold goes on Sale October 9th 2018. If you want a refreshing take on a pirate adventure with sirens and the sea herself involved please pick this book up.

BIG Thanks to Black Spot Books for providing me a free advanced reader copy for my honest opinion.

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