The Mermaid By Christina Henry

I remember watching the non-Disney cartoon of The Little Mermaid. It didn’t end with Ariel getting the prince and living happily ever after. It ended with the little mermaid dying sad and heart broken. I tend to stir away rom mermaid stories as most authors don’t portray mermaids in the correct light. They tend to make them half human half fish and beautiful or kind or whatever. However, I wanted to read The Mermaid by Christina Henry as it included PT Barnum who lets face it folks wasn’t the nicest of people. I really wanted to see what type of treatment both Barnum and the mermaid were in for. I was more then pleasantly surprised.

Summary: A willful mermaid takes her destiny into her own hands when she agrees to work for PT Barnum.

What I liked: Henry didn’t make the mermaid half fish and half human she made her a siren or a creature of the sea and I really appreciated that detail. The first chapter sucked me in and the way the story is written was to a bit melancholy. Which I for one enjoy. There are many themes throughout the story ranging from the view of women and animals at the time the story was set to some feminist themes. I appreciated the way that Henry also painted Barnum. The plot was really well written and the pacing of the novel was good.

What I didn’t like: I found the story was a bit long to get to where it ended. I feel like there were a couple of parts that could have been glossed over or written in a different way. But overall an enjoyable read.

Star Rating: 4.5

My thoughts: I appreciate the character treatments by Henry. Too many times have a read the mermaid trope and felt like I was reading the same story over again. But this was not tropey and didn’t have aspects of Mermaid stories that I don’t necessarily like.

The Mermaid goes on sale 06/19/2018. If you have a love of Mermaids or a passing interest in PT Barnum please go pick this up!!

BIG Thanks goes to Berkley and Penguin Random House for sending me a advanced review copy for my honest review.

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