All The Ever Afters By Danielle Teller

As a child you are told fairytales….of wicked stepmothers and ugly stepsisters, however; did you ever wonder what their backstories were? Where they as horrible as the stories led you to believe they were? Or did they suffer some type of trauma in their own right. Cinderella’s stepmother’s backstory is presented in All The Ever Afters. 

All the ever afters

Summary: The tale of how Cinderella’s stepmother became her stepmother.

What I liked: I loved that the All the Ever Afters basically turned the entire story on it’s head. The original story is presented as lies that were told around the court against the stepmother and her step sisters. The character of the stepmother was three dimensional and you really did feel quite a bit of sympathy toward her character. Teller’s backstory for the stepmother was interesting and kept the reader engaged. The stepsisters were interesting characters in their own right. I didn’t see the story coming in the way it was laid out and I appreciated that.

What I didn’t like: Throughout the story there were interjections from what I assume is a diary or a journal from the stepmother. I found their intrusion in the story well a bit intrusive and took me out of the backstory. The journal entries made sense at the end but  I wasn’t a big fan.

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

My thoughts: I love fairytales and retellings….I found the story of Cinderella’s stepmother to be heart breaking and sad. It just goes to show you gossip is no good for anyone.

A Big Thanks to William Morrow for a free review copy for my honest opinion

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