The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson

I live in the desert. The very warm desert, where summer temperatures reach upwards of 120 degrees. We really don’t have seasons and our winter is pretty much everyone’s fall. I was stoked for it to get a bit cold for a couple of days. Which just so happened to coincide with the arrival of The Wolves of Winter By Tyrell Johnson. I got to huddle in a blanket on the couch with this page turner and pretend I was in the Yukon.

Summary: War and disease have decimated the world’s population. However, one family leaves civilization behind to find relative peace in the Yukon. But a new comer to the family could change all that.

What I liked: This was a page turner. I had to know what was going to happen next. The characters where well fleshed out and three dimensional. They had good and bad points and I appreciated that. The build up to the climax was really well done. I couldn’t see what was coming. Once it was revealed, it was like ohhhhhh, and then the puzzle pieces fall into place. Johnson’s description of the Yukon really helped set the stage for the story. Most of the dystopians I have read (which is quite a few) take place in the city or around large encampments and the space that the Yukon lent to the story was perfect. It allowed the backdrop of the story to become another character. It was a really well written and thought out book.

What I didn’t like: The ending. I can’t say too much without giving away the ending but hello. I turned the last page and was like huh?! Not like it didn’t make sense. The ending  did but I feel like it was a cliff hanger and I really wanted the story to keep going. *Hint Hint nudge nudge* So I am wondering is this the first in a series or…..

Star Rating: 5 Big shiny stars

My Thoughts: Anyone who reads my blog knows I love a good dystopian novel. I am truly hoping and have my fingers crossed that this may be part of a series or at least a duology.  I enjoyed Johnson’s writing style it was fast paced and it stayed that way through the book which was appealing. The plot twist was well written and plotted out really well. Johnson left very few clues in the text. Which made me really happy…a good plot twist can be ruined by too many clues and hints in the text. All in all a great debut novel.

I would like to thank Scribner Books for providing a copy of The Wolves of Winter for my honest review.

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