Everything That’s Underneath by Kristi DeMeester

There is something about a book that grabs you and does not let you go until the end. There is no stopping until you finish every last page. The story seeps into your pores and becomes a part of you. The writing is so beautiful that you can see it in your head like smoke tendrils from a fire. That is what Everything That’s Underneath by Kristi DeMeester does.

Summary: A dark and devilish book of short psychological horror stories.

What I liked: Everything. I liked everything in this book. DeMeester’s writing is beautiful almost to the point of being poetic at times. The psychological horror was perfect, that small itching of fear that you get reading gothic horror. The stories were dark and many were chilling without being gory and over the top. But at the same time they were beautiful. One of the stories reminded me of reading The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and feeling the same chill.

What I didn’t like: There isn’t anything that I didn’t like about Everything That’s Underneath.

Star Rating: 5

My thoughts: Wow. Unsettling and I love it. I like when authors can take scenarios and make them creepy and unsettling without up in your face gore. Everything That’s Underneath feels like a group of dreams strung together.

Fire in the Ocean by K.D. Keenan

I know a lot of about the mythology where I grew up and my adopted home land. However, I don’t know anything about the myths and the gods of Hawaii. I was really excited to read Fire in the Ocean.

Summary: Sierra and her friends come face to face with Hawaiian gods and deal with an ecological disaster waiting to happen.

What I liked: As I didn’t know a lot about any mythology I enjoyed learning about some of the mythology and gods of Hawaii. There were some interesting aspects of the story. Keenan’s writing is very good and the characters are well fleshed out. The cover of the novel is stunning.

What I didn’t like: The plot for me was really slow. The synopsis of the book made me think that it was going to be faster paced then the story actually was. I didn’t particularly enjoy the story.

Star Rating: 4

My thoughts: Even though I didn’t particularly care for the story line and the pace of the story, Fire in the Ocean was well written and the characters are well fleshed out.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Diversion Publishing for sending me a review copy of Fire in the Ocean.

February TBR

My February TBR list is pretty exciting.  I am also doing some research for a little bookish project I am doing, which, I am really excited about. Lets start with the digital arcs:

– Starlings by Jo Walton*

– Fire in the Ocean by K.D. Keenan

– Unbury Carol by Josh Malerman

– Peril in the Old Country by Sam Hooker

There will probably be some others thrown in there as well. I am particularly excited about Peril in the Old Country the synopsis sounds amazing. The books that I have purchased that are on my TBR list are:

– Heros and Villains by Angela Carter

– The Whiz Mob and the Gernadine Kid by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis

– Caraval by Stephanie Garber

– Everything That’s Underneath by Kristi DeMeester

I am also doing some beta reading for another author this month as well. I am looking forward to reading Heros and Villians. Angela Carter is a author I hadn’t read until last month and Nights at the Circus blew me away. I am going to be using Pullman for some research but I am not including him in my TBR as I am not going to be reading the entire book.

* I have already finished Starlings and the review should be published today.

Starlings by Jo Walton

I started this year not reading a lot of short stories. Here I am at the beginning of the second month of the year and I have just finished the third short story novel. There are some poems and even a play between the covers of this delightful novel. I knew I was going to like Starlings after I finished the first couple of pages.

What I liked: The mix of genres and formats made for different reading experience that I really enjoyed. There was a story that really tugged at my heart as a parent and daughter. I can’t go into detail but if you are a parent it will get you too.  The poems where a pleasure to read; Godzilla poems how can you not love that. It was an intelligent and fun read. Walton’s writing style was a delight to read.

What I didn’t like: There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about the book. It ticked all boxes for me.

Star Rating: 5

My thoughts: I have lots of thoughts about Starlings the genre mix between sci-if and fantasy was brilliant and well executed. The play didn’t really work for me written out as a play per see but the story behind the play was really good so I can’t fault Walton on that. I’ve only see that done in one other book that I have read lately. The cover art is beautiful and I enjoyed the prologue by Walton. Just an aside the picture does not do this gorgeous cover justice.

Release Date: February 23, 2018.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Tachyon Publications for sending me a review copy for my honest opinion.

January Wrap Up

This has been an awesome reading month for me. I have read some truly good books over the past month. I read three physical books the rest have been on my kindle. Let’s take a small stroll down memory lane.

Origin by Dan Brown -3

Tales from a Talking Board edited by Ross Lockhart -4

The Dead House by Billy O’Callaghan -3

Restless Souls by Dan Sheehan – 4

The Rending and the Nest by Kaethe Schwehn – 4

The Hawkman by Jane Rosenberg LaForge – 5 (seriously get this book it is beautiful)

Hell Hound by Ken Greenhall (I didn’t review it but will be reviewing it in Feb)

Long Black Veil by Jennifer Finney Boylan – 4.5

Rust and Stardust by T.Greenwood – 5

The Merry Spinsters by Mallory Ortberg – 4.5

Unclean Spirits By Chuck Wendig – 5

The Book Collector by Alice Thompson (I didn’t review it but I will be reviewing it in Feb)

The Beginning of The World in the Middle of the Night (I read this for myself. I love Jen’s You Tube Channel and really wanted to read it. It is fantastic.)

I have one book that I DNF’ed this month. I read four chapters and couldn’t wrap my head around the story. I was really excited about it as well as it was a retelling story which I love. Like I said nothing against the author but just not for me.

Not a bad month all in all. A couple of new to me authors which I loved reading and have ordered some of their other books. Which is the part of reading that I love. Discovering a new author to add to my old favorites. Now on to February.