Beneath by Kristi DeMeester

My grandfather was involved with evangelicals at some point; he was one of those people that tried every religion and read deeply on a wide variety of subjects. He was a deeply spiritual man not necessarily religious but spiritual. One of our family antic-dotes regarding my grandfather was the time he a theology student out of returning to the seminary. I have no idea how he did this just that he did it. While living in North Carolina I saw a few tent revivals but I never stopped to have a conversation with any of the people that attended the services. Maybe, I should have, I might have learned something.

Summary: A reporter with a dark secret is sent to investigate a snake handling cult in North Carolina.

What I liked: This book was incredible. Beneath starts with a very banal story. Which then twists and turns to a more dark and sinister place. The more the story progresses the more twists and turns there are. Even though this is a horror story DeMeester’s writing is beautiful. It is full and well rounded. The characters are well fleshed out and have likable and dislikable characteristics. There are many sections of the story which basically read like a nightmare.

What I didn’t like: The only thing I didn’t necessarily like was Michael’s ending. With that being said it did not take away from my enjoyment of the story.

Star Rating: 5

My thoughts: I love DeMeester’s writing style. It fits the story she is telling perfectly. The scene that she sets is so dark and atmospheric it is like you are walking through it yourself. Her characters are fleshed out and well rounded. She is quickly becoming my favorite female horror writer.

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