Futura A Novella By Jordan Phillips

There aren’t many times that I can say I disliked a book. I can normally find something redeeming; characters, plot, or the writing. But Futura is not one of those books. I am going to try to be as objective and honest as possible so here goes.

Summary: Ruby is obsessed with having a baby in France in 2050.

What I liked: The start was interesting in discussing technological changes and how those changes effected society. The plain black cover was beautiful.

What I didn’t like: I had the same problem with Futura as I had with Girl on a Train; I disliked all the characters in the book. The characters are two dimensional and come across as quite selfish and narcissistic. I can see where the author was trying to get to with the plot but it fell flat for me.

Star Rating: 2

My thoughts:  I tossed and turned about this review last night. I even reached out to another blogger about how to approach this review. This is not a slam against the author but rather a review of the book. The story just didn’t do it for me. But maybe it will be 5 stars for someone else.

Thank you to Smith Publicity for sending me a copy of Futura for review.

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