Long Black Veil by Jennifer Finney Boylan

I’ve sat here for about an hour trying to think of a blurb for this post. I still have nothing. So I am just going to ramble. I am lucky to come from a diverse and wonderful family. When I say diverse I truly mean diverse. We are both the rainbow family with family members from many different ethnic backgrounds and the family who doesn’t care who you choose to love as long as you love yourself and are happy. Didn’t everyone have a African American Uncle or a gay Aunt or a cousin with Down’s Syndrome. As adult I now know that isn’t the case. But growing up that was normal and still continues to be my normal. For me Long Black Veil wasn’t so much of a thriller but rather a story of acceptance with a murder thrown in. Not just acceptance of who you are from yourself but acceptance from others. But I could be wrong however, that is my interpretation.

Summary: A disappearance comes back to haunt a group of friends 35 years later.

What I liked: I enjoyed Boylan’s writing style. She easily transitions between flashbacks and present day. Also she is very clever in her use of points of view, switching easily from third person to first person POV when writing as Judith. (I am not telling you guys who Judith is, read the book). I can understand why Boylan would use that tact when writing as Judith. There are many different threads through the story which Boylan ties up very neatly in the end.

What I didn’t like: The only thing I could have done without is the descriptions of the places the story takes place in. I remembered how the mansion Bagatelle looked when it was described in the beginning of the book and the two other descriptions pointed out the same things. For me it was just a bit tedious. I did not find this so much of a thriller or a mystery. That angle as a plot device did not really work for me in the story.

Star Rating: 4.5

My thoughts: I had a hard time writing this review. I wanted to talk a lot about the story and the way in which it was written and why I have the interpretation that I do, but to do that I would have to give away a lot of the story. Here is the thing with this book. I didn’t care about the murder and what not…I cared about what was going on in Judith’s life. I know that may sound odd but that to me was the suspense, not who did it.

I would like to thank Blogging for Books and Broadway Books for sending me a copy of the book to review.

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