The Rending and The Nest By Kaethe Schwehn

Dystopian fiction abounds with many different types of stories. Whether it is zombies or some random illness that befalls the entire population. My point being is there are a million different ways of telling a dystopian story. So it is always nice to read a dystopian novel that brings a little something different to the mix.

Summary: A global event, which is not named, occurs and a large majority of the Earths population disappears. The few humans have banded together in different habitations to try to continue civilization among mysterious piles of garbage.

What I liked: I enjoyed The Rending and the Nest. The characters are likable and well written. The story was interesting and a little mysterious because the reader is never told what happened to the rest of society. I also enjoy the fact that this story was not just about survival, there are some pretty interesting themes throughout the story; redemption, loss and forgiveness stood out in my mind.

What I didn’t like: The story started to go a bit stagnate for me about three quarters of a way through the book. The introduction and side trip to the zoo felt a little rushed. I felt like I was in a fun house and was being pulled along instead of being allowed to meander.

Star Rating: 4

My thoughts: This was a enjoyable read but I feel like maybe the author was pushing to finish the story. The first three quarters of the book meandered and I was enjoying the characters and the world building. Then it was like, you were off to the races.

Release Date: February 29th, 2018

I would like to thank NetGalley and Bloomsbury the opportunity to read an advanced copy for review. I would also like to thank Sara New over at Bloomsbury for providing a digital copy of the cover art work.

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