I feel so Dirty.

I have a confession to make! I have been having one night stands and by that I mean book one night stands. The literary equivalent to hit it and quit it.  I am going to blame it on the library.  I love the library. I mean I really love the library. I love the smell of the books, walking up and down the aisles not looking for anything in particular. Just the feeling that I can reach out and pick up and amazing adventure. Sounds awesome right; as much as I love the library itself the reaching out and picking up an adventure is slightly hit and miss. So much so, I have been known to check a book out and not read it. Sacrilege! I can’t help it. I read the back cover and I truly believe I am going to love the book. It is going to completely change my life as a reader. Yeah..no. I end up reading a couple of pages and doing the walk of shame away from the book bin.

The latest victim to my hit it and quit it book one night stand was “Blood on the Snow” by Jo Nesbo. I read about 10 pages and that was it. I put it down and dropped it off at the library last night. I just was not into the story, nor was I invested in the characters. As much as I wanted to like the story I just couldn’t. I have a category on my good reads devoted to just my book one night stands. I look at this category and think to my self, why? Do any of these books have anything in common: theme, authors, genre? I can say with conviction, that none of these books have anything in common. Personally, I am just going to continue to blame it on the library and getting book drunk. If you want to see my book one night stand you can have a look on my good reads.

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